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Welcome to Abonna Fruits and Plants Co. Pvt Ltd
Abonna Fruits and Plants Co. Pvt Ltd is one of the leading importer and wholesale supplier of various berry plants and cultivars in India like Blueberry Plants, Blackberry Plants, Raspberry Plants, Strawberry Plants (bare roots). Our berry plants begin their life in our Tissue Culture lab in Michigan and California in USA which enables us to sell plants free of viruses, systemic fungal and bacterial diseases. This is only one reason why our customers are successful. We also develop new planting methods, fertility, and new plant varieties. Investments in small fruit growing can be rewarding. Important considerations; develop the business plan, choose the best growing site, and selectthe correct plant varieties. Our selection of plant varieties enables every business to choose variety suitable for the new markets of fruits. Our mission is to be the first choice as a source for the best products and information available today for large and small commercial growers. We have selection of cultivars:-

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Buy Raspberry Plants in India, Buy Strawberry Plants in India

Besides, we are also one of the leading service providers in this field. We offer highly effectual consultation services to growers for free i.e. we not only supply plants but provide overall monitoring service to assess the health to increase yield. Thank you for choosing our plants. Once again we are not only selling plants, we are also here to consult with you to make your business successful,because if you have success, so will we.

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