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Mission & Vision:
Hello Friends,
Our mission is not only to be a profit oriented company but also a service oriented. While working in this industry what I realized is that we are buying and selling plants like any other products in the market without knowing the fact that whether the chosen variety plant is suitable for your region or site where you want to do the plantation. I could see many growers going in loss due to high mortalityrate and very less yield or no yield even bankruptcy due to ignorance. This could have been avoided if the growers had chosen right variety and type for their soil.
This means our mission is to educate the growers and give them the right plants for good yield and plenty harvest that would not only help uplift the economical condition of growers but also an opportunity to market international standard fruits in our own country.
What about eating fresh good fruits like cherry, kiwi, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry etc.? Well, the problem is all of us cannot afford it as mostly it is imported from foreign nations and no reach to a common man.Why can’t we change this? Yes, we can!! We have a tie up with an American Company Hartmann’s Plant Company who are specialized in manufacturing and distributing different fruits and berry plants specially for India. There has been an intensive study on what variety suits for which part of India.
Never the less, we have our own growers in Himanchal Pradesh and West Bengal manufacturing different variety fruit plants like plum, peach, pear, apricot, cherry, kiwi, chestnut, walnut, pinenut, guava, olive etc. Rootstocks are best that is available with different variety scions for grafting in order to achieve highest yield. Our olive plants are self-pollinating and also cross pollination varieties. We make sure that all plants are treated to eliminate diseases and viruses before dispatch. We grow plants according to your PH level of soil and type of soil in the planting site. So, my vision is to see our country as self-sufficient fruit and berry producing country. We have all the resources and experienced team to achieve this goal, above all Abonna Fruits and Plants Co. Pvt Ltd.

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