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Red Raspberry Floricane types for India
1. Size of plant for planting in field. One year cane growth in a 6.25cm to 12cm container. Stem length 15 to 30 cm.
2. Plant spacing 60 cm in row, 2.75 meter aisle.
3. Plant stems will develop from the roots; therefore roots will develop 60cm wide producing stems.
    Recommended width for the raspberry row is 45 to 60cm Plant stems will grow up to 1.25 to 1.5 meter in height.
4. Recommended number of stems is 16 to 18 permeter. New unproductive stems will grow with the productive
    stems 16 to 18 stems per meter is recommended, remove all undesirable stems.
5. Plant anytime of the year providing there is adequate irrigation at planting time. The best time for planting is November thru January.
6. If planting is completed by November thru January a small yield of 0.5 kilo per 60cm can be realized in the following year,
    approximately the beginning of the month of March or April.
7. Harvest will need to be accomplished daily for a period of approximately 3 weeks.
8. The floricane type raspberry will produce a crop one time per year.
9. The second season and future yields will be approximately 3 to 4 kilo per 60 linear cm.
10. The raspberry fruits are highly perishable. Harvesting on time and the post harvest of the fruits will
      determine the shelf life of the fruits once the fruits are in the market.
11. The fruits are hand harvested daily. Approximately 60% of the fruits can be marketed as fresh fruit; the 40% will be marketed as frozen fruit.
RedRaspberry: Heritage, Caroline, Autumn Britten
1. Highest yields and plant longevity to 20 years.
     a. Dormancy period 600 to 1,000 hours of accumulative cold temperatures 0 to 7 degrees C
     which suites the temperature of India.

2. 20% less yield with less hours, plant longevity 15 years.
     a. Dormancy period 300 hours to 599 hours of accumulative cold temperatures 0 to 7

3. 30% less yield with less hours, plant longevity 4 to 6 years.
     a. Dormancy 100 to 299 hours of accumulative cold temperatures of 0 to 7 degreesC.

4. Cold tolerance of the cultivars - 38C.
5. Heat tolerance 38 degrees with irrigation.
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Most importantly is the amount of chilling hours for the plants to attain full yields and longevity of the plants and There is no doubt India has required climate and temperature Blueberry cultivars have a long life span of 30 years and more if the plants are planted in the correct location.
The cultivars listed above are the best for high quality and productive yields for India...

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