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Pictures showing the process of berry plantation
Choosing the right cultivar according to the planting location is important.
Dormant Blueberries in a Box.
Sharpblue Blueberries out of Box and ready to be Planted.
Start off with Leaf Molds.
Leaf Molds on the ground.
Add some sand to make well drained soil.
Top it up with CoCo-peat.
Add some Organic manure like forti plus or similar.
Add some perlite.
Don't forget soil at the end.
Mix Well.
It is advised to plant in a container for few months before shifting to field for better root system.
Blueberry plants in a container for root strengthening process and waiting for fruits very soon.
Growing blueberry bush in a container.
Dormant blueberry plant in a container.

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