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Blackberry Thornless for India
1. Size of plant for planting in the field. One yea rcane grown in a 6.25 to 12 cm container. Stem length 15 to 30 cm.
2. Plant spacing 1 meter apart, 3 meters aisles.
3. Blackberry plants grow the stems from the crown of the plant growing a bush type structure. The branches will spread to a width of 1 meter and a
    height of 1.5 meters. The branches are trained on a simple 2 or 3 wiretrellis for ease of harvest.
4. Recommended number of productive stems per plant is 6. After harvest, the canes must be removed. The fruits are borne on 2 season stems and
5. Plant anytime of the year providing there is adequate irrigation. The best time for planting is in the sold months of November thru January.
6. If planted in November thru January, the plants will yield in the following year in the month of Mayor June. A yield of 1 to 2 kiloscan be harvested the
    first year.
7. Harvest will need to be accomplished every 2nd or 3rd day for 3 weeks, depending on the ripeness of the fruits.
8. Plants will produce one crop per year when grown outdoors.
9. The second season and the future years, the plants will produce a yield of 5 to 8 kilo per plant.
10. The fruits are highly perishable. Harvesting on time and post harvest treatment will determine the shelf life of the fresh fruits.
11. Approximately 75% of the fruits can be marketed fresh, and 25% marketed as frozen product.
Blackberry: Triple Crown and Black Raspberry Jewell

1. Highest yields and plant longevity to 20 years.
     a. Dormancy period 500 to 1,000 hours of accumulative cold temperatures 0 to 7 degrees C
     suites the temperature of India.

2. 30% less yield with less hours, plant longevity 8 to 10 years.
     a. 400 to 499 hours of accumulative cold temperatures 0 to 7 degrees C.
     b. Chilling hours less than 400, will not yield fruits more than 1 to 2 years, = no profitability.

3. Cold tolerance of the cultivars - 30C.

4. Heat tolerance 38 degrees with irrigation.

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Most importantly is the amount of chilling hours for the plants to attain full yields and longevity of the plants and There is no doubt India has required climate and temperature Blueberry cultivars have a long life span of 30 years and more if the plants are planted in the correct location.
The cultivars listed above are the best for high quality and productive yields for India...

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